During High School

Future Chefs focuses on supporting students with the following three phases of growth.

Phase One: Industry Exploration and Program Commitment
High school sophomore and junior participants explore the culinary arts industry through direct connections with successful chefs and other food professionals. Regular small and large group activities, meetings and events build culinary and life skills, self awareness and commitment to the values of success, hard work, responsibility, excellence and honesty.

Phase Two: Developing a Career Plan
High school seniors work closely with the Future Chefs School to Career Staff to create concrete, individualized plans for work and study after high school. Internships, mentoring, and community service are core components of the planning and continued exploration process that prepares youth for their next step after high school graduation.

Phase Three: Working the Plan
Future Chefs coaches and advises each high school graduate as they transition to work, school or post-secondary training to ensure they are taking the steps necessary to implement their plan successfully. At this level, participants begin to give back to the program by volunteering at events and becoming peer leaders and role models for the incoming cohort of young Future Chefs.